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Fiscal Year 7/1/2019 to 6/30/2020

Congregation Beth Israel (CBI) serves our community in many ways, including: High Holy Day and Shabbat services, B'nei Mitzvah, Religious School and Adult classes, special holiday celebrations and events/programs, caring for elderly and sick congregants, social action projects, and much more ...

Each of us has a stake in maintaining CBI as a center of our Jewish community. Your financial commitment ensures that we can continue to meet the diverse needs of our community.

We are a fair share synagogue, so we ask members to give what they can. The cost of operating the synagogue for the current fiscal year 2019-20 works out to approximately $2,100 per family unit.

We recognize that this is not feasible for all of our members. Those who can give more are asked to do so, and those who cannot afford that level are asked to give what they can.

Our operating budget relies heavily on your financial generosity -- member pledges account for more than 80 percent of our income.

If you have questions, please contact Congregation Beth Israel at office@bethisraelbellingham.org or call (360) 733-8890. All inquiries will be kept confidential. Also, please feel free to contact our President, Miriam Schwartz, at pieface880@gmail.com.

Thank you for supporting Jewish life in Bellingham!

Please submit by August 20, 2019

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